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Salt Soaks

Salt of the Earth

Salt Soaks

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Sel Gri - Sel Gri is hand harvest by artesian salt farmers from the Noirmoutier Island near Brittany, France.  The sea water is allowed to evaporate in clay lined basins where the farmers gently rake the alt daily to be collected.  Beautiful, organic red clover is blended with the grey salt to create this soak.  Sel Gri has a high moisture content, so if you add essential oils, you should do so right before adding it to your bath water.

Himalayan - This lovely pink, fossil marine salt is naturally colored by the 84 minerals and trace elements.  This salt is also hand harvested from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan.  The tradition of mining the salt without machines or explosives is embraced.  It is hand selected, hand crushed and dried in the sun. Jasmine buds and raw Rosemary add a beautiful contrast to this salt.

Dead Sea Salt - Dead Sea Salt is harvested from the southern shores of the Dead Sea in Israel, the lowest elevation on Earth.  For thousands of years, the area has had a reputation of being a place of healing waters.  The salt concentration of the sea is ten times higher than that of other sea water and will not support life.  Interestingly however, it has many therapeutic benefits.  The unique composition of bromides, magnesium, and potassium are beneficial for soaking.  You can select from salt soaks containing rose buds, calendula, red clover, lavender or rosemary.

Salt of the Earth Luxuries takes great pride in seeking out the best ingredients to create fabulous products.  They select beautiful botanicals to best accompany each salt and use cold pressed or steam distilled essential oils to create a glorious at-home spa experience.  It is the salt that makes this company unique.  The salts are selected from around the globe that are minimally handled and dried by only the wind and sun.

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