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Clay Body Mask - Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth

Clay Body Mask - Salt of the Earth

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Rhassoul -  This beautiful amber-colored clay is mined from the Atlas Mountains in Eastern Morocco from deposits formed by volcanic ash.  It has been used in beauty treatments for over 2000 years and was known to the nobles of Egypt and Rome.  It's part of the traditional Hammam treatment and is applied all over the body before Argan oil is used.  In Arabic, rassala means, "the matter which washes".

Rose Kaolin - Iron Oxide naturally colors the mildest of all clays.  This clay does not have the strong drawing powers as some of the other clays, so it is more ideal for dry, sensitive skin.  It is known to stimulate the skins circulation.  What a restoring treat for the skin.

Dead Sea Mud - Known as "living clay:, this mud comes from the lowest elevation on Earth, the Dead Sea in Israel.  It is rich in Potassium, Magnesium, Sulfate, and Calcium.  It is known for its strong ability to draw oils and toxins while the seaweed provides nourishment.

China Clay (White Kaolin) - Like Rose Kaolin, China Clay is extremely gentle with very little drawing powers.  It increases circulation when applied and can be used as a facial cleanser.  The clay sediments are derived from weathered Igneous and Metakaolin Rock deposits from the late Cretaceous and early Paleogen Period. ~an ideal gentle clay for dry sensitive skin

Clays have been used since the dawn of time.  Evidence tells us that our prehistoric ancestors used clays in wounds, and of course the known cave paintings.  The first recorded use of medicinal clays are on Mesopotamian tablets dating back to 250 B.C.  Recorded history even tells us that Cleopatra used clays to preserve her complexion and the Pharaohs' physicians used clays as anti-inflammatory agents and antiseptics.  Modern research has taught us that Iron-rich Montmorillonite (the Kaolin Clays) and Bentonite types of clay are effective in killing some bacterias.  (Please research these findings for additional useful data.)  It is becoming more well known and understood, that the gifts provided by the Earth can provide us with an abundance of items that will heal, treat and simply provide enjoyment.  Natural clays are reputed to draw impurities from the skin while increasing circulation.  You may creat your favorite clay mask, by blending with warm water, milk, honey or Apple Cider Vinegar to your desired consistency.  Enjoy a mineral rich clay mask on your face, hands or your entire body.

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